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Anlysis: Harmonization of the Criminal Law of RS with Istanbul Convention

Adoption of the Istanbul Convention, especailly its ratification, in certain countries of the region has caused a lot of different comments and controversial opinions. However, it seems that most of these attitudes come from arbitrary evaluation of this document and surprising hostility towards basic regulation of the women rights within multiple branches of laws. Anyway,
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ANALYSIS: Parental Leave in BiH

JELENA BUHA GORANA RADETIĆ Parental leave is one of the basic human and social rights that guarantee absence from working place to mothers likewise fathers thus allowing them to take care of their child and enable him/her proper care and development. Aside of absence from working place this right also includes maternity benefit during the
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Analysis: Victimization and Obstacles for Women in the Process of Accessing Justice

Although, it has been a centuries ago when people have been constantly appeal for improvement and non-tolerance of the inferior position of women such status still exist in many segments of social life. Through history, culture and tradition, women had minor or major rights but many of them are still facing the problems in employment,

BiH in EU

Upitnik EK

Evropska komisija koristi Upitnik kako bi ocijenila spremnost države koja je podnijela zahtjev za članstvo da stekne status kandidata i otvori pregovore o pristupanju sa EU, o čemu najzad odlučuje Savjet EU i Evropski savjet. Upitnik za BiH sadrži 3242 pitanja. Rok za odgovore je 31. maj 2017. godine

Pregovori o pristupanju

Pregovori o članstvu su pregovori koje država kandidatkinja vodi s državama članicama Evropske unije o uslovima pod kojima će postati punopravna članica Evropske unije.

Pregovaračka poglavlja

Država koja želi da postane članica Evropske unije napreduje ka članstvu pregovaranjem po poglavljima. BiH u procesu pregovaranja očekuju 34 poglavlja.